Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Longwood Gardens

My grandfather's birthday is this Thursday. After some creative thought, my mom decided that Papa would enjoy a trip to Longwood Garden's as a birthday gift. She was right. We had a great time.
Mom Hurlock joined my mom, Papa, and I on our adventure around the gardens. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch and were all amazed by the beauty of God's creation. We were in awe of God's creativity and the variety of His creation. I continued to ask myself the same question over and over again: How can people look at the beauty, detail, and brilliant colors of these flowers and not know that there is a God?

A Weekend to Remember

What a GREAT weekend. The weather was so beautiful and warm, it felt like summer. When the weather is warm Bob and I head to the shore house. Mom and Dad Hurlock have a wonderful house in Ocean City, NJ and graciously let us visit anytime we would like. We spent the weekend with Mom and Dad H. at our home away from home.

Saturday was the perfect day to be outside and to enjoy the great little town of Cape May. It was my first visit to the historic and quaint town of Cape May. I loved all of the shops, resturants, and history the town had to offer. Saturday night, after a great Dream Dinner with the Hurlocks, Bob and I headed to the Ocean City boardwalk. I was soon reminded that it is still spring. As we walked along the board walk I froze. I was pushing the season :)

Sunday was HOT HOT HOT. After a great church service, Bob and I headed to the beach. It felt just like a summer day on the beach. The beach was filled with ocean lovers just like us. Everything seemed like summer, except the freezing cold water. The water was so cold, my feet became numb instantly. After a nap on the beach, a relaxing walk, and some sunburn; Bob and I headed back home.

We love the Jersey Shore

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Married Six Months

I can't believe it, but Bob and I celebrated our six month anniversary this weekend. It's funny because I can't imagine my life before I was married. It seems like Bob and I have always been together, but at the same time I can't believe that our wedding day was six months ago. The day seems like it was just yesterday. It was a such a great day:)

Bob and I celebrated our anniversary by enjoying the beautiful weather, going out to a great dinner, and seeing a movie. It was so much fun to spend time relaxing and going out with my husband.

Getting dressed up to celebrate six months:) I think we clean up pretty well.

So it was my turn to pick the movie this weekend. Of course I picked a chic flick. The movie of choice was, "17 Again". Bob was not to excited at first, but it turned out to be a great movie. The movie stars Zac Efron and Matthew Perry. It was funny, cute, romantic and enjoyable. I would highly recommend it for a great date night.

We had some time to kill between dinner and the movie:)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter at the Drakes

Bob and I spent Easter Sunday at the Drakes. It was great to have the whole Drake family home from college. The Hurlocks and Papa joined us for dinner which made the day extra special:)

I think we look pretty good together.

My mom and I.

I love my parents.

All of my boys are sooo handsome.
Showing off some of our Easter gifts.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bringing Our Easter Traditions Together

Bob and I decided to celebrate our first Easter together a day early. We will be spending Easter Sunday with our families at the Drakes.

Our Easter celebration began with an Easter egg hunt, made up of clues, candy, and fun (a Drake family tradition). Bob is so smart and found every egg. The hunt ended with our basketball and baseball Easter baskets. The baskets were filled with our favorite candies and of course a giant chocolate cross (a Hurlock family tradition). Our Easter celebration was suppose to continue with dying eggs, but we ran into a slight problem. I accidently cracked all but one egg. I did not know that if you put cold eggs in boiling water they will crack. Ooops. Bob was very patient and we decided to wait until next year to dye eggs:)

Bob can't wait to eat his candy.

Returning Home

I returned home from Indiana to my anxiously awaiting husband. This was the first time we had been apart since the wedding and it seemed like forever. I tried to bring back a couple of Indy souvenirs for Bob. The best I could do was HOOSIERS Hot Sauce and an Indy 500 shot glass:)

Bob is pretty excited about the Indiana momentos.

Steph's Spring Break

I spent my Spring Break in Indiana visting Kirk, Chrissie, and Elijah Duncan. I had a great time with the Duncans, but really missed my Hubby. I returned home with baby fever:)

It doesn't get any cuter than this:)

This is Elijah's new outfit from the Drakes. He can't wait to wear it.

Elijah's Easter gift from Bob and Steph.
Bath time is so much fun.

I just could not get enough of Elijah Duncan.

Elijah's picture day outfit. He looks like a future golfer:)

Holding Elijah is one of my new favorite activities.

We made quite a pair.

I am starting to see the family resembalance.

Some quailty time with Kirk Duncan at Cheeseburger in Paradise.

The whole Duncan Family. I will miss them all.